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We take the time to achieve the ideal fit for each piece in the collection.
CÉCANCE's collections of are made in small series to keep a certain rarity.
The volume of the selected qualities is a long work and we wish that our models can last in the time with the novelties just by adapting the selected qualities according to the season.

Manteau Aristide en qualité de lin épaisse. Tons naturels


La fibre de lin peignée
La veste courte Billie en sergé couleur Old Blue

A label guaranteeing the origin and quality of European linen.
The European know-how of the textile industry. A linen which grows in France or in Belgium which guarantees its follow-up.
A noble fiber that respects its environment. A direct relationship with the workshop in Paris. The development of cuts adapted to the material for an accuracy of the model.

Label fournisseur Master Of Linen. The Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp guarantees European traceability
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The CÉCANCE piece is a piece that we keep. A piece that will have a history because it will last over time and follow your lifestyle.
A timeless piece that fits your wardrobe.
A piece that you can pass on, so that the style is reinterpreted for each generation.

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