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Ensemble en denim lin et chanvre. La veste Ava, la chemise Alice et le pantalon Jaro


The subtlety of detail.
The respect for nature and clothing.
An easy to wear and timeless wardrobe, for a free and relaxed spirit.
Ensemble en sergé couleur old blue
Ensemble en sergé couleur coral. La robe longue Manon portée avec le pantalon Jaro


Portrait de Anne Liauzun, la créatrice et fondatrice de la marque

Designer since 15 years in ready-to-wear.

Mainly in the men's wardrobe.
The CÉCANCE project was vital to rediscover the meanings of my profession, to return to the essentials that composed a garment.
Regain control of the manufacture and origin of my materials in order to offer a responsible quality wardrobe.
The discovery of linen fiber is like love at first sight and it corresponds to everything I value for creating a responsible and charming wardrobe. Linen requires reflection and creativity! This fiber has character, it has this noble, robust, rustic and elegant side at the same time.

Anne Liauzun | Founder & Designer.



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