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" She's beginning "

" With "She's beginning" Collection, I want to express my commitment to the protection of oceans.
My crush on a plastic bag, from a watercolor by the artist Maud Louvrier Clerc, brought out the desire to marry Art and Fashion.
With this unique piece, I spread this message. "

Anne, founder of Cécance.

Logo de la collaboration de la marque CÉCANCE et de l'artiste Maud Louvrier Clerc

CÉCANCE is a premium French brand offering a unique wardrobe committed to sustainable fashion. Its founder, Anne Liauzun, expresses her aesthetic sensibility around an exceptional fiber, linen. The collections explore this noble material with a minimalist design for an elegant, authentic and comfortable women's wardrobe.

Her Capsule Collection "She's beginning" consists of five linen pieces: three shirts, a jumpsuit and a dress, entitled : Alice, Maé, Méryl, Kali and Manon. It symbolizes the commitment of women on five continents to protecting the environment. Each piece is screen-printed with a watercolour from the "it's beginning! " serie by MAUD LOUVRIER CLERC.

MAUD LOUVRIER CLERC is an artist, designer and researcher-teacher in sustainable development strategies. Her three main themes are identity, footprint and interdependence.

" It's beginning! "  is one of her watercolor series. In it, she depicts plastic bags immersed in water, evoking the slow dislocation of an old consumerist model.

Journée à Sète. La robe Manon couleur aqua


21 rue Rousselet - Paris 7eme

Subway line 10

Duroc or Vaneau



ANNE LIAUZUN +33 681641910


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